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I entered the License Code and did not see the correct activation information

This may be due to network problems,You just need:
1. Upgrade to the latest version of Shortcutor software,
2. Restart the Shortcutor software
3. Open the License Activation window: Menu-> Help-> License Activation
4 No need to do anything, wait 30s, the correct activation information will be displayed

Why did I pay and didn't receive the activation code?

At present, due to our payment providers, there are many orders, and the payment link may be delayed. please wait patiently.
We are also actively communicating with our payment providers to see if they can improve payment efficiency.
I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Does an overwrite installation affect the licenses I purchase?

No impact, don't worry

How can I export shortcuts to my iPhone

1.You need to edit a shortcut (including at least one Action), then exporting this shortcut.
Menu-> File-> Export Shortcut to Device
Or click the triangle run button at the top of the software
The software will pop up a QR code,

2.You need to run the ShortcutorKit shortcut to Scan the QRCode(Not Camera App in iOS)
Then you will install this shortcut into your iPhone (some internet access may pop up during the period, or create a link Permission warning, please click Allow!)

3.If you do not have the ShortcutorKit shortcut yet?
You can run Camera App in iOS to scan the QRCode(in step 1).
Your browser will automatically download ShortcutorKit for you.

By the way: ShortcutorKit comes with an update function. If we update this shortcut in the future, we will give you an update notification. You will need to keep it updated at that time.

Update to the latest version of the Shortcutor

1.Re-open the Shortcutor software, it will automatically connect to the update server. When the software finds a new version, it will notify you that you only need to select “Sure” in the pop-up dialog box, then the software will automatically Download and install the update, then the software will automatically restart, after the restart, you will get the latest version of the software.

2.In the Mac version, you can also choose Shortcutor->check for update in the menu. After the operation, please refer to the first article.

3.In the Windows version, you can select Help->check for update in the menu. After the operation, please refer to the first article


In the Mac version, you can select Shortcutor->License Activation in the menu, then enter your information, name, and company name (if any), and finally enter it below. The Licenses Code you obtained by email Click on the Activate button below.

Windows version, please click Help->License Activation in the menu, the operation is the same as the Mac version. Please refer to.


Mac version, you can directly double-click Shortcutor-xxxx.xx.xx.dmg, in the pop-up window, drag the Shortcutor software icon to the right application icon, you can.

Windows version, you can directly double-click Shortcutor Setup xxxx.xx.xx.exe, then the installer will start, you only need to select, install only to yourself (my account), or on this computer After all the users, after selecting the installation directory, click the install button below.

Can Not open Shortcutor on macOS 10.14.5+/10.15

If your macOS version is 10.15 or 10.14.5+, the first time you run the Shortcutor software, the system may prompt can Not open, you can click OK directly,
then open macOS system preferences-> security and privacy-> general, select "still open" Shortcutor software below, this problem only occurs when running for the first time.
We are also actively and submitting software to Apple to get macOS to cancel this popup as soon as possible.

When you run the software for the first time in the future, you may also agree that the shortcut software can access your document folder, which is mainly used to create and save shortcuts files that you edit later.

Why should this software be subscribed?

Shortcutor must be updated with the version of iOS Siri Shortcuts to be used on the latest iOS devices or to use the latest Actions or variables and more.
Therefore, we must continue to develop, and also update to our customers through software updates, so we use the subscription method, and also hope that our customers keep the software updates to get the latest iOS Siri Shortcuts editing experience.

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